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The Origins of Oriental Civilization

Fairservis, Walter A. , JR.

S mapami, fotografiemi a ilustracemi, uvnitř knihy na druhé straně obálky je černým fixem začerněný propiskou psaný text, patrné známky užívání

50,00 Kč

The Price of Victory

Charlton, Michael

Michael Charlton looks at the European Question, which has been deeply divisive of parties, politics and the nation. This question has a long...

96,00 Kč

The Road to Recovery

LaRouche. Lyndon H.

In the present circumstance, there exists no sane policy for the President of the U.S.A., other than exactly the design for a New Bretton Woods which...

80,00 Kč

The Royal College of Physicians and its Collections

An Illustrated History. The College was founded in 1518 in London by King Henry VIII. Historie i současnost této instituce, nahlédnutí do svazků její...

200,00 Kč

The Sacred Beetle and Other Great Essays in Science

Chosen and introduced by Martin Gardner. Dobrý stav.

80,00 Kč

The sacred Virgin and the Holy Whore

Harris, Anthony

The book that explodes the secret of religion. What was the secret guarded by the templares and the cathars for so long? Paperback, vybledlý hřbet,...

65,00 Kč

The Spring of the Moonstone

Utrio, Kaari

Photographs by Marja Vehkala. A beautiful poetic story from 11th-century Finland, about love and hate and the meeting of two cultures. Velmi dobrý...

85,00 Kč

The Triumph of the West

Roberts, J. M.

J. M. Roberts uncovers what it was that gave European culture its confident energy for so many centuries while exposing its flaws and its...

180,00 Kč

The Velvet Chancellors

Prittie, Terence

A history of post-war Germany. V angličtině. Obálka při horním okraji trochu pomačkaná, celkově velmi dobrý stav.

180,00 Kč

Their Trade is Treachery

Chapman Pincher

When Their Trade is Treachery was first published in March 1981, it immediately became a sensational number one best-seller, making headlines around...

84,00 Kč

This Is Cape Town

Biggs, David

A guide to South Africa's popular tourist resort, this guide reflects its reputation as a place of historic grandeur, combining elements of Europe...

55,00 Kč

Time Zones: A Journalist in the World

Schlesinger, Joe

S dedikací autora na titulním listu. Dobrý stav.

100,00 Kč

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